Google StreetView photos on a map

Below is a demo clip of Leaflet map. Hover mouse on green markers pops a StreetView image for the location. Images could be dragged over the map, zoomed along with the map, or closed by double-click.



Calculate distances

GIS projects ofter require spatial measurements. In the sample below, given a set of points (Lat/Lon coordinates), the goal is to find which ones are within 5 km distance from two predefined locations. By drawing a circle (radius 5km) from each location, all points inside the intersection area meet the requirement.



Census data

Coded in R, the steps accomplished for this project were:
  1. load US census boundary and attribute data
  2. cleanup blocks outside city area
  3. build interactive map with census blocks color-coded by population
  4. integrate a Javascript vertical slider for opacity control




Retrofit a web page with location data to a live map.
The data (circa Dec 2017) was inside the page source in JSON format. To clean and use it in R, one could simply copy and assign it to a variable, then source it in RStudio to fix any errors. Then it can be converted to a data.frame.

products <- '[ { "Company_Name": "1001 Pharmacies",... } ]'
companies <- jsonlite::fromJSON(products)
Next step was to extract the addresses (companies[1:100,]$Adresse), clean them of special characters and try a batch geocode online. From the KML output file, one could extract the lon/lat coordinates and match them to the companies by address. As a result, the companies data frame gets two more columns - latitude and longitude. Saved this geocoded data in a second JSON file.
xjson <- jsonlite::toJSON(companies, pretty=T)
out <- file('french.json', encoding="UTF-8")
write(xjson, file=out)
Used Javascript next to recode the data from JSON to geojson format (see file). Finally this same geojson file is presented on a Leaflet map with clustering. Clicking on a company marker will show company details just below the map.

Click on a map marker to see details here


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