Various projects

Shiny UI for distribution modeling app

• upload shapefiles in .csv, .zip or (.dbf,.shp,.shx,.prj) format
• field and parameter selection and validation
• run preparation and modeling, display results as plots/tables, download
modeling GUI

Offline Maps

leaflet.dexie is a Leaflet plugin for saving maps in local storage using library Dexie.js.
Implements creation (and deletion) of maps for offline viewing, with demo hosted on Github.

Weekly layoffs, COVID related

Shows progress in SoCal cities in March/May 2020.
EDD data is WARN notices for temporary/permanent layoffs by effective date
ETL with R, dplyr, leaflet, geocoding.    
Click on side arrows (« ») below for weekly slides.
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San Diego County COVID map by zipcode

below is a smartphone demo of the app

R, Shiny and echarty

a dashboard with map and charts linked on hover

Spacewalk with R and echarty

Interactive 3D application with ECharts 3D Globe featuring:
• real-time satellite data filtered by altitude
• charts: scatter3D for satellite location, bar3D for beams and lines3D for tracks
• controls: hover icons, timeline play/stop, animations toggle, zoom/rotate globe
• published as live demo

California fishing maps

Live interactive Leaflet maps with feature filtering, an ETL project
   Rivers & Lakes
   Shark Attacks

Chrome Extension

an extension for Chrome browser for efficient download of photos

Lists Compare

comparison analysis of two long data lists, in JavaScript - LIVE

PostgreSQL migration

a report of database migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Software Notes

Solutions to common problems in R, Javascript, Windows.